Monday, August 27, 2012

8/27/12 - WOW! This is my 3rd post today.  I have great news! As many of you know, my son Eitra is living in the LA area following his dream of film acting.  Drum roll::::::::::::::: he called to say that he got a role in "Criminal Minds" on CBS- in its 8th season, shooting sometime around his birthday in mid September. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations darlin'!!!  I'm so proud of you!!!
8/27/12 - TIME TO BE WITH ME

Swinging in a neighborhood park
embracing Earth & Sky
waving to a grouop of school boys jogging by.

Lying on my bamboo beach mat
shapeshifting clouds calling my attention
laughing at the whimsical forms I see
filling myself up with joy

Beholding blades of grass
butterflies and dragonflies
being kissed by the sun.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's 11:32 pm on Saturday 8/25, not quite ready for bed. Sitting in a quiet furnished basement practicing the art of being.  Listening to my heartbeat.  Feeling thankful for who I am and where I am. 
Looking at a calendar, I am reminded that I left my life in New England nine days ago.  During the last 12 years in Connecticut my life was extremely scheduled; balancing full-time work, barter-animal caretaking arrangement, creative time, family and friend time.   I am living a different rhythm now.  A rhythm of allowing the moments to unfold for the most part without the daily expectation to be a particular place at a particular time.  Life as we all know is constantly changing, and I choose to remember that.  For now at least,  I am enjoying what feels to be resting in the resonance of my natural rhythm.  All is well. 
8/25/12 - I'm in Columbia, Maryland, not far from Baltimore.  Arrived here Wednesday, 8/22. 
I lived here with my dear friend, Masara (Ania) and her family for a few years with my sweetheart John Mesha Brevard. Soon after arriving, I began sharing stories, explaining to Masara that while accompanying Ann to the dentist yesterday in Boonsboro, Brevard's spirit came to her while under the influence of laughing gas. His long, beautiful hair shining down like protective light rays, relaying a curious message about a purple heart.  What purple heart? we wondered.
Upon hearing this story, Masara left the room and promptly returned with a small purple box containing a purple fluorite heart dangling on the end of a black chord.  She received it some time ago from a friend, but never felt it was meant for her.  It is clear to me that this purple heart is Brevard's way of reaching through the heavenly veil to let me know that his spirit is with me on this journey.  This purple heart has found its rightful place.  I live for synchronistic moments when  dots connect and threads weave. It happens all the time...all around us...beckoning our attention... often times most subtlely.  Thank you Brevard, Ann and Masara for manifesting Brevard's message and purpose of the purple heart.

Khristina, I enjoyed introducing you to some new vegetarian dishes! Love those Namaste & Art Saves tattoos on your foot & wrist!

Amanda, thank you again for helping me to link up my blog!  John, was great seeing you too my brother.
Masara, I enjoyed every morsel of our visit!  Our famous browsing & doddling!  Still humming with sweet satisfaction over watching the Disney flick The Odd Small Life of Timothy Green.  Clearly our soul sister connection is about inspiration and the power of story.  It has always been that way for us. Most appropriately photographed with the tree of life, I give gratitude for our continuing story my dear.
By your side eternally*

Friday, August 24, 2012

Along my travels, I feel my heart pulsing dear and precious my CT family and friendship memories spanning over the last 11+ years living in Connecticut. Sending out from my heart a Big Bright Light to all of you in Connecticut!

By the way.....
Valinda & Stacey ~ Your gifts to me of amazing Healing Bracelets of Fearlessness and Bliss are proving to be extremely helpful. 
Melissa, the astrology consultation and Bach Flower Essences are incredible too!
Most greatly appreciated.
I feel their energy greatly supporting me!

Thank you also to everyone praying for safety in my travels!

8/18/12 -  In my Home on Wheels headed for the pre-revolutionary historical town of Boonsboro, Maryland.  The estimated 4-1/2 drive took 6-1/2 hours with the high volume vacation traffic.  Driving through rural Virginia again reminds me of how similar it is to rural Connecticut.
Ann & Carl, what a treasure enjoying 4 overnights with you and your critter clan. Eternal friendships have a way of continuing without seeming gaps.  Such was our visit.  Thanks for the yummy conversations and meals.  I'm still remembering the marvelous morning glories and the closeup view of the winged ones from your commode.  Ann, look forward to seeing a new line of amazing sculptures! Eating lunch at the awesome Common Market Coop in Frederick was fabulous!  My mouth is still watering when I remember the taste of those stuffed collard greens.  I adore you and the boonies of Boonsboro!  Give a kiss to Marley for me and a big HI to Gwyn when you get in touch.  By the way Ann, more about the purple heart in my next blog entryfrom Columbia, MD.

 Ahh.... here you are along with your sweet abode nestled amongst the green!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/16/12 - My travelling adventure has begun.  I am most grateful to spirit for inspiring me with the words... "it is about the journey, not the destination" that prompted me to focus on the joy of travelling opposed to landing right away on the west coast. The first leg of my journey is focused on reuniting with dear friends that have inspired and uplifted my life through the years. Thank dearest friends, for inviting me once again into your homes and hearts. 

First stop: Ocean City, New Jersey (8/16 & 8/17)  Driving 4-1/2 hours from Old Lyme, CT was a fine distance considering that I've gotten somewhat rusty in driving long-distance miles over the last 12 years living in CT.  Barring an accident that I witnessed on the expressway when a van hit the guard rail and flipped over 3 times and landed on its wheels about five cars behind me, it was a peaceful journey.
Pauline, seeing you and Mark again, reminiscing over memories when I lived in the Washington, DC area, reminding me of all the improvisational music and dance gatherings we had with Joe makes me realize that I truly am expanding on the earlier spiral of my experience, this time with a lot more self-confidence.  Great awareness!
Visiting your amazing beachfront condo and enjoying the water, waves, sand and seagulls was delightful as was visiting your extended family.

Watching you attend to your honey with Alzheimer's was eye-opening.  I honor your loving, caring, commitment to one another.  Your growing need to meet Mark in the moment is truly humbling.
My heart remains grateful for our visit and continued journey as sisters.
Luv that bubble chair!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/8/12 - After almost 12 years of living in Connecticut, it is time for change and I am embarking on the next phase of my soul's journey. My car is packed and ready for a new adventure. Was scheduled to leave on my cross country journey Monday August 6, 2012, although I've been delayed.  After many beautiful and emotional visitations and farewell gatherings, I'm still in Connecticut feeling like a sloopy noodle; low energy, coughing, sneezing, headache.  Haven't felt so run down like this in a long while.
Libby has been saying prayers every night
with your prayer bundle wishing you
good health and safe travels.
Thank you Libby! 

Thanks to you, Melissa, I avoided starting my new adventure during mercury retrograde. That last week in Connecticut enabled me to self-care.
HUGE THANKS again and again.... to Sandy and Bruce for allowing me to stay on at the Cozy Inn....XOX

8/16 - restored to balanced well-being, I'm now on my way......