Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/16/12 - My travelling adventure has begun.  I am most grateful to spirit for inspiring me with the words... "it is about the journey, not the destination" that prompted me to focus on the joy of travelling opposed to landing right away on the west coast. The first leg of my journey is focused on reuniting with dear friends that have inspired and uplifted my life through the years. Thank dearest friends, for inviting me once again into your homes and hearts. 

First stop: Ocean City, New Jersey (8/16 & 8/17)  Driving 4-1/2 hours from Old Lyme, CT was a fine distance considering that I've gotten somewhat rusty in driving long-distance miles over the last 12 years living in CT.  Barring an accident that I witnessed on the expressway when a van hit the guard rail and flipped over 3 times and landed on its wheels about five cars behind me, it was a peaceful journey.
Pauline, seeing you and Mark again, reminiscing over memories when I lived in the Washington, DC area, reminding me of all the improvisational music and dance gatherings we had with Joe makes me realize that I truly am expanding on the earlier spiral of my experience, this time with a lot more self-confidence.  Great awareness!
Visiting your amazing beachfront condo and enjoying the water, waves, sand and seagulls was delightful as was visiting your extended family.

Watching you attend to your honey with Alzheimer's was eye-opening.  I honor your loving, caring, commitment to one another.  Your growing need to meet Mark in the moment is truly humbling.
My heart remains grateful for our visit and continued journey as sisters.
Luv that bubble chair!

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