Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/25/12 - I'm in Columbia, Maryland, not far from Baltimore.  Arrived here Wednesday, 8/22. 
I lived here with my dear friend, Masara (Ania) and her family for a few years with my sweetheart John Mesha Brevard. Soon after arriving, I began sharing stories, explaining to Masara that while accompanying Ann to the dentist yesterday in Boonsboro, Brevard's spirit came to her while under the influence of laughing gas. His long, beautiful hair shining down like protective light rays, relaying a curious message about a purple heart.  What purple heart? we wondered.
Upon hearing this story, Masara left the room and promptly returned with a small purple box containing a purple fluorite heart dangling on the end of a black chord.  She received it some time ago from a friend, but never felt it was meant for her.  It is clear to me that this purple heart is Brevard's way of reaching through the heavenly veil to let me know that his spirit is with me on this journey.  This purple heart has found its rightful place.  I live for synchronistic moments when  dots connect and threads weave. It happens all the time...all around us...beckoning our attention... often times most subtlely.  Thank you Brevard, Ann and Masara for manifesting Brevard's message and purpose of the purple heart.

Khristina, I enjoyed introducing you to some new vegetarian dishes! Love those Namaste & Art Saves tattoos on your foot & wrist!

Amanda, thank you again for helping me to link up my blog!  John, was great seeing you too my brother.
Masara, I enjoyed every morsel of our visit!  Our famous browsing & doddling!  Still humming with sweet satisfaction over watching the Disney flick The Odd Small Life of Timothy Green.  Clearly our soul sister connection is about inspiration and the power of story.  It has always been that way for us. Most appropriately photographed with the tree of life, I give gratitude for our continuing story my dear.
By your side eternally*

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