Friday, August 24, 2012

8/18/12 -  In my Home on Wheels headed for the pre-revolutionary historical town of Boonsboro, Maryland.  The estimated 4-1/2 drive took 6-1/2 hours with the high volume vacation traffic.  Driving through rural Virginia again reminds me of how similar it is to rural Connecticut.
Ann & Carl, what a treasure enjoying 4 overnights with you and your critter clan. Eternal friendships have a way of continuing without seeming gaps.  Such was our visit.  Thanks for the yummy conversations and meals.  I'm still remembering the marvelous morning glories and the closeup view of the winged ones from your commode.  Ann, look forward to seeing a new line of amazing sculptures! Eating lunch at the awesome Common Market Coop in Frederick was fabulous!  My mouth is still watering when I remember the taste of those stuffed collard greens.  I adore you and the boonies of Boonsboro!  Give a kiss to Marley for me and a big HI to Gwyn when you get in touch.  By the way Ann, more about the purple heart in my next blog entryfrom Columbia, MD.

 Ahh.... here you are along with your sweet abode nestled amongst the green!


  1. Oh Sweetie, it was such a gift to have you here! I knew the message from Brevard would make sense in time. I was getting his words in little pieces, and trying to get the pieces straight was a matter of extrasensory slapstick. But the love and the feeling of his hair flowing all around you in the softest hug was perfectly clear and so lovely. It's wonderful that the heart is of flourite, and that you will be wearing it on your journey, because flourite is in perfect resonance with his pure cascading-cleansing-healing energy, and his message to you above all was that he is always as close as your own skin in the present moment.

    I'll look for a picture of us and email it- I had the same thought after you left, "OMG i forgot to take any photos!"

    Joyous travels, Ladybridge!

  2. Glad you are spreading your wisdom far and wide! - AZ

    Thank you Ann!!!! It feels mighty right!!!